Sunday, October 16, 2011

What's Been Going On

Life is full. I've decided to ban the words "busy" and "tired" from my vocabulary; they are always going to be present for many months and years ahead. Insread, I'm looking at life as being full. Some days overflowing.

What the girls are up to
- learning to walk...Georgia started on September 30 and Rori followed a few days later
- exploring and crawling into and under anything and everything...gross motor skills at their finest
- filling their mouths with combined count is now 22/40, we're over half way there
- not sleeping. We're on day 15 of interrupted, horrible night lack of sleeping.

Ahhh the lack of sleep. Part of my reason for being behind on the blog, behind on life. I've realized parenting is a lot of guessing, speculating and trial and error. We never really know what is keeping them up, we guess. Is it teething? Is it learning to walk? Do we let them cry it out, snuggle them in or begin sleep training all over? Any and all of the above do not seem to work.

As if on cue, they are erupting in their cribs. Three hours after they went down. Parenting calls, blog will wait. Snuggles are next on the agenda.

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