Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A Mid Summer Night

I didn't sit down to update the blog tonight. I sat down with the intention to work on the never ending list of things that need attention around the house and in our lives. I wanted to work on accomplishing a few things off "the list" but instead I am working on the babies books and looking at old photos. It is so hard to believe the girls are 11.5 months old; time evaporates. I am not sure where August came from so quickly!

In July, we celebrated the babies baptism into the Anglican Church. It was a great day, low key and more meaningful than I thought it would be. I have an up and down relationship with God, the Church and my beliefs shift and change. For some reason that I can't fully put into words, it did feel important for me to have them baptized. We had dresses made out of my wedding dress and my mother's- they turned out beautiful. The babies share two godmothers and a godfather; 3 people who have been great support, friends and who are important in our lives.

July also had the girls an unknown GI bug that has continued into August. This is one of the hardest times to be a twin mommy; when they are both not feeling 100% and sick at the same time. Our dreams of sleeping through the night have not yet returned as the bug is waking them up at night. Hoping they turn and leave it behind soon.

I also left the babies for the first time overnight, for two nights- 42 hours to be exact. Daddy has been away from them on occasion when we have traveled home and he has stayed put for work and school. The girls stayed with my parents, Grammy and Grampy and took Phineas the dog along. I was completely comfortable leaving them, knowing they were in perfect hands. We had asked my parents in February when U2 was announced to come to New Brunswick. Mommy and Daddy went off to the U2 concert. It was an amazing event! I had to pump all weekend to keep my supply up, that was an interesting task at an outdoor concert! The smiles on the faces of the girls when we drove up to pick them up was beyond words; I had goosebumps. They were hanging out on the deck with my parents and their little legs started going with excitement when we got out of the car, it made me want to melt with happiness.

Although there have been days that I have been wishing time away, I now want it to slow down to a crawl or even pause. I return to work in 5 weeks. We're lucky the girls will be with one of us, but my heart jumps a bit when I think of how busy the fall is going to be. It's our world and we will make it work, somehow.

We're almost a year to the day when we first met our beautiful G & R. August is about being present, enjoying the moments and days with the girls, with each other and celebrating how far we have come as a family.

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