Thursday, July 14, 2011

Growing and Changing

The girls are busy these days! It seems that once the crawling started, everything is now coming at rapid speed!

Crawling, clapping hands, waving hello and goodbye- are the big tricks! G has started pulling herself up on everything; toys, the couch, her crib. It seems anything that has a grip is good enough for her to try! Their flexibility is amazing.

The bath is also a new adventure and activity; they no longer will sit in the bath rings. I love bathtime. It is full of splashes, discovery, and just plain ol' fun! R will usually spend most of the time on her belly and ducking her head in and out of the water. We also have to try to keep the dog from jumping into the tub as the bath toys get him very excited.

Days are filled with naps, walks, sometimes jogs or runs with Mommy, trips to the beach and the lake and lots of stories! We're trying to soak up every minute of summer, sunshine and family time.

Our goals right now are to get the babies drinking reliably out of a sippy cup and sleeping through the night.

July holds two big milestones- a baptism for the girls with their two godmommies and godfather and a sleepover without Mommy and Daddy for two nights with Grammy and Grampy! Let's cross our fingers everything goes smooth!

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