Monday, June 13, 2011

One on the go...

It's happened. One of our babies is crawling. Moving with a quadrupedal gait. I am in awe, a bit weepy and sad and in disbelief that we will have to childproof sooner than expected. I was quite happy with their current mode of activity and had no real rush for the crawl. The creep was fine; they were moving along on their bellies or content to sit and turn around in circles on their bottoms. But now the crawl has happened. We did the thing many parents likely do- move the toy further and further. The determination in her face as she went for the toy was awesome. We even remembered to video it. Go Baby R Go! Her sister, G, is happy to sit, flap her arms excitedly and stretch and reach for everything she wants. Phineas, G and Mommy and Daddy cheered from the sidelines.

Now we have a new game; crawling a bit every day. She no longer needs me or her daddy to put a toy down. She goes where she wants, with intention. With energy and determination. And I watch her go, watching her with happiness that she can do it and sadness that she can do it. The baby stage is so brief. I want to freeze time and hang onto it for a bit longer.

One of my biggest pet peeves since becoming a mom is the comparison that people do. It seems amplified with having twins. Every time one of them reaches a milestone, there is an immediate comparison from some family members. Strangers too. Their dad and I work hard to treat them as they are, individuals. To celebrate their accomplishments. Why does the world want sameness? This house wants individuals. They are two separate people, who will do separate things, and do them on their own timeline.

So for this week, we watch R crawl. And we know that someday soon, her sister will be beside her and our world will change again as we chase two babies who will sometimes go in the same direction and sometimes in two different directions. We have fun times ahead. And I can't wait!

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